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The Branson School

The school introducing the new logo and branding to the alumni.

A segment from the end of the brand story.

Function: Branding, Concept & Copy


About This Project

The Oakland branding agency Addis partnered with Prime Chuck Creative to help The Branson School’s rebranding effort. The Branson School is an extraordinary high school in Ross, California, dedicated to developing students “who make a positive impact in the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning and joy.” Situated at the foot of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, they were celebrating their 100th year and implementing a strategic plan for the future. It was a momentous occasion for the school. The emotional investment of the staff and the expectations of the alumni were high.

During the briefings and many interviews with stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents, students and alumni), consistent themes were identified and used to bolster a singular thought: the relationships of trust and mutual respect between the teachers and students have created an environment that encourages everyone to fearlessly explore their own potential, to seek truth, to be brave.

“Be Brave” became a tagline, as well as a reminder that here, you are supported and valued. A multitude of respected high schools in the area lauded their college admission statistics. The choice to Be Brave was unique and addressed the individual more than the statistic, as Branson does. And it happened to marry well with their mascot, the Branson Bull.

The excitement around this new expression of The Branson School added energy to their plans for the future and became an immediate, visceral selling point to students, parents and faculty. What better way to face the next 100 years than by being brave?