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Function: Naming


The Challenge

EARN, the nation’s leading microsavings provider, wanted to establish a new program that would further their mission to bring financial stability to America’s most economically vulnerable populations. 4 out of 10 Americans have less than $400 in savings. Millions live from paycheck to paycheck. San Francisco ad agency BrowneMusser partnered with Prime Chuck Creative to create a name that would encourage people to learn more about personal financial management, get excited about starting a savings program in spite of past negative experiences associated with money and financing, and feel that financial independence was a very real possibility for them and their family.


The Process

Prime Chuck Creative’s discovery phrase was dedicated to finding out as much as possible through the naming brief, EARN case studies and testimonials about the lives of the people EARN was seeking to help. It was very important that the creative be grounded in the day to day concerns and hopes of people who were carrying the burden of being worried about their financial future. It also had to offer a solution in an inspiring way.

Prime Chuck Creative presented about 50 names for Round One, the dozen or so favorites included rationales. Round Two wasn’t necessary; the client loved “SaverLife.” It acknowledges the program is more about saving than earning.  It recalls the phrase “save your life” as well as “savor life,” a high level benefit and something easier to do when you don’t have to worry about your financial future. The name also recalls “lifesaver.” It’s an apt association.


The Result

SaverLife was launched in June 2017 in San Francisco as a transformative community movement aiming to increase financial stability and emergency savings for families in the Bay Area. Within five months the savings platform passed a million dollars saved by users and, with the support of JPMorgan Chase, the MetLife Foundation, the Prudential Foundation and Capital One, was rolled out nationwide.

SaverLife immediately struck a chord and grew to 200,000 members in less than three years. In fact, this success wound up redefining EARN, which changed the name of the entire organization to SaverLife.