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Orchard Supply – Timeless Values

The Challenge

Despite a rich history that took Orchard Supply from a Depression Era farmer’s co-op in 1931 to being the first hardware, home, and garden superstore, the advertising was all about weekend sales and low, low prices, using essentially the same voice as its “big box” competition.

The strategy to boost sales by continually reducing prices sliced into company margins. Cheaper products were stocked. Staff was cut. The level of service that Orchard was known for dropped off. Customers loyal to Orchard for generations became disenchanted. Nobody had a reason to choose Orchard over any other hardware store.

What steps could be taken to reclaim the soul of Orchard? Well, you could start with being true to your roots.

The Solution

As the name “Orchard” implies, Orchard Supply has its roots in California agriculture. We thought Orchard’s voice should sound like it had been around for awhile, that it had gained wisdom along the way, and appreciated the things that get us all through when times are good or bad. These are timeless values. They are relevant and necessary. And they mean more than the promise of low prices.

We began to fill the void of Orchard branding with the tagline “Bringing you timeless values since 1931.” Though people don’t care an awful lot about companies just because they’ve been around a long time, customers can get behind a company that’s part of their own story and continues to help them make the most of what they’ve got. Orchard as co-op, updated.

For the radio campaign, we began a three-year conversation that became as familiar, amusing, and welcome as Orchard Supply used to be, as it was meant to be. The voice was well-worn, and well-meaning. The topics were varied, even odd at times. Using 60-second spots, we reclaimed the rootsy charm of the Orchard brand.

We then extended the voice and style of the radio to several television spots.

Along the way, we helped roll out Orchard’s redesigned stores, using localized, tactical print and outdoor to engage homeowners in the neighborhood.

(Click print layouts to enlarge.)

We weighed in on all opportunities for Orchard to enhance customer touchpoints with their brand. Cross-promotions were no exception — Orchard’s voice should still ring true.