Prime Chuck Creative | Investor’s Business Daily (@Y&R)
Concept, copy, brand, naming. From marcom to advertising, Prime Chuck Creative is a valuable, complementary creative resource for agencies and clients alike.
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Investor’s Business Daily (@Y&R)

Function: Concept & Copy

Channel: Print, TV & Video


About This Project

About the best thing an ad can do is give readers valuable knowledge about something that concerns them at the time. These spread magazine ads for Investor’s Business Daily started running during a bull market — so everybody wanted to be invested in the latest stock market darling.

Then came a serious market correction. Emotions were running high. Investor’s Business Daily was a voice of reason to help investors deal with the mania of the day and cultivate investing habits that would benefit them, no matter what the market cycle.

Note that we differentiated it from its main competitor, the Wall Street Journal, by saying it’s more than a newspaper — it’s a tool. Thus the tagline, “Don’t read it. Use it.”

About long copy ads: the brilliant Howard Gossage once said, “People don’t read ads, they read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” Long copy connotes expertise, even without being read. And if you’re doing it right and for the right reasons, you can expect people to read the whole thing (and become that much more invested in your brand).

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For television, we took the testimonial approach. Old school and convincing.