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The Challenge

GPB Scientific is a pioneering biomedical company that has developed a microfluidic technology to separate blood cells that is faster, cleaner and less destructive than traditional methods like centrifuges that use the force of inertia. This gathering of cells is essential for being able to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. GPB Scientific approached Prime Chuck Creative to name this breakthrough technology. Their goal was to attract venture capital and have the name on signage and one-sheets for when they previewed the system at the Facilitate World Leaders/Stem Cell Summit in January 2020. Woah. There wasn’t much time.

The Process

We dove into the technology, becoming conversant in microfluidic deterministic lateral displacement in advanced biocompatible cartridges. After that, we searched for the best way to capture their unique offering in a way that was conversant to the rest of the world. We developed hundreds of candidates, winnowed it down to a dozen that were strong…but one was clearly the best. Introducing the Curate Cell Processing System from GPB Scientific. 

Curate perfectly describes the gentle, protective way the technology works, using gravity instead of inertia to separate cells without damaging cell walls. Plus there are fewer steps which reduces processing time. And the Curate machines are less expensive than traditional centrifuges, creating greater accessibility for doctors and their patients. In addition to the apt descriptive nature of the name, one also can hear “cure rate,” which stands to be enhanced by this important advancement in cell processing.


The Result

Since the name Curate was introduced, GPB Scientific has received $43.5 million in funding from venture capital companies, as well as ongoing participation by existing investors who understand what sets the Curate Cell Processing System apart and its importance to progress in cell and gene therapies. From Dr. Justin Klein, co-founder and managing partner of Vensana Capital: “GPB’s Curate system can dramatically reduce the overall manufacturing cost, therapeutic yield losses, and process time for producing life-saving cell therapies for cancer and other diseases. With investment from our inaugural fund we will help GPB drive the clinical assessment, GMP production, and commercialization of the Curate system.” The future looks bright for Curate.

The Hermes Creative Awards declared “Curate” a 2020 Platinum winner  – their highest award – for Excellence in Brand Naming.